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About Us

Kiaro is an independent, omni-channel Canadian cannabis retailer based in Vancouver, BC. With storefronts across British Columbia and Saskatchewan, a wholesale distribution division servicing Saskatchewan, Kiaro has plans for further national expansion. Obsessed with delivering unforgettable firsts, Kiaro is driven to enable new and experienced consumers to engage in a lifelong exploration of cannabis. With more than 40 years of collective retail-focused experience, Kiaro’s leadership team has a proven track record of growing retail brands across North America and intends to be recognized as the most empathetic, welcoming, customer-centric cannabis retailer in the industry.

Kiaro’s name derives from the Italian word chiaroscuro, meaning “to emerge from the darkness into light” – a nod to the new era of cannabis legalization. Through its stores and e-commerce platform, Kiaro offers a customized omni-channel cannabis experience that is inviting, convenient and appealing, allowing consumers with varying degrees of familiarity to choose safe and reputable products. Kiaro values authentic community integration over corporate conformity. Every store developed under the brand is customized to weave into the fabric of the community it exists within, and a portion of development costs are allocated to community initiatives. Kiaro engages local artists for community-inspired artwork to hang in each shop, with an aim to promote acceptance, relatability and a welcoming experience.

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