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Kiaro Opens Port Moody's First Cannabis Store

VANCOUVER, March 20, 2020 /CNW/ -  Kiaro is thrilled to announce the opening of the first cannabis store in Port Moody, British Columbia. With Kiaro locations in Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatoon, and La Ronge, the Vancouver-based cannabis brand is earning national acclaim for offering a personalized retail experience that promotes greater life enjoyment and encourages curiosity, exploration and education.

Situated at 2816 St John's Street, Kiaro's store in Port Moody provides locals, as well as residents of nearby Coquitlam and Burnaby, with a carefully curated selection of safe and reputable cannabis products and accessories. Currently, the store stocks edibles, vapes, dried flowers, pre-rolls, tinctures and capsules, though inventory will expand as new products, like beverages, enter the regulated market. The space is staffed by well-informed consultants who can guide the cannabis curious and connoisseurs towards regulated products appropriate for their individual needs and share information about proper dosage and safe usage habits.

The store's design is sophisticated, convenient and inviting, with a minimalist layout that supports self-guided discovery. Featured design elements include a terpene station where visitors can experience the aromas of various forms of cannabis, along with interactive vignettes that urge customers to see, touch and feel products and accessories before purchase.

The Port Moody store is Kiaro's fifth in Canada and second store this quarter, representing a steady expansion of the retailer's footprint across the country. The brand is committed to delivering customer-centric service that prioritizes educational tools and resources. This enables visitors to make their own decisions about cannabis use, share this knowledge with others, and become cannabis advocates themselves.

"We are really excited to launch our first store in Port Moody, and our third in British Columbia. We are confident that residents of Port Moody and nearby jurisdictions will appreciate the opportunity to access regulated, high-quality cannabis products and accessories," said Daniel Petrov, Kiaro's CEO. "Our new store opening allows us to not only supply a new market and drive sales, but also broaden awareness of Kiaro as a socially responsible cannabis retailer."

"The opening of our Port Moody store is an exciting milestone for Kiaro as we look ahead towards national expansion," said Eleanor Lynch, President of Operations. "Kiaro has quickly achieved a strong presence in Western Canada, and we are working towards continued growth in the near future including another store soon to be open in the heart of Vancouver's Commercial Drive."

At this time, Kiaro stores remain open in BC and Saskatchewan, providing access to legal recreational cannabis while following the guidelines and protocols put in place by Canadian public health agencies. The Kiaro retail team is doing an outstanding job of ensuring safe community interactions. For more information on how Kiaro is supporting the health and welfare of customers and team members, click here.   

Kiaro's Port Moody store is located at 2816 St. John's Street. The opening weekend hours on March 20 – 22 will be 12pm – 8pm daily. Ongoing hours will be limited and subject to change based on staff availability. Once the store is fully staffed, hours will increase to Sundays between 10am and 8pm; Mondays to Wednesdays, between 11am and 10pm; and Thursdays to Saturdays, between 11am and 11pm. For more information, visit www.kiaro.com

About Kiaro:
Kiaro is a Vancouver-based retail brand that carries a variety of curated products appealing to individuals who wish to enhance their life enjoyment through cannabis. The company operates a number of fully compliant retail stores across Canada and, through its stores, offers a customized cannabis experience that is inviting, convenient and appealing, allowing consumers to choose safe and reputable products. Kiaro's name derives from the Italian word chiaroscuro, meaning "to emerge from the darkness into light" – a nod to the new era of cannabis legalization. For more information, visit kiaro.com.

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